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In the audition you will experience together with our international ecosystem the
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3 years of training

3-year high-performance dance program with world-renowned teachers for innovative and elite training

Double view

We know that each individual is unique, with diferent needs and diverse goals. ADDA will guide you to develop your full potential as an individual and as an artist, eliminating interferences that impair your performance, making the sum of all your knowledge multiply, while using your commitment as a positive discipline and using your passion as a mobilizer and engine for greater motivation.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to provide practical tools for the life of the person and the student as a whole for a professional balance and a safe, firm and solid career, and to create a benchmark in an elite training model with constant interaction with the art market, with social impact and professional commitment.

art, growth
and connections

The program combines Technical, Artistic and Psycho-emotional development subjects in dance, which fall into the global and integral training of the future artist. The program was created as an artistic project, with an international outlook, attracting students and professional artists from all over the world. Most of the teachers are active as artists, ensuring that the same training remains closely related to the artistic practices of today and tomorrow.

A new vision
for individual

Students graduate with high levels of maturity, self-esteem, and selfawareness. What the model of interaction between student and active professional achieves in the early stages of the learning process is to incorporate normality and familiarity into this future artistic work. Thanks to the preventive model, we achieve fewer injuries and avoid toxic behaviors that reduce or hinder professional potential.

Adda ecosystem

As a person and more as artists we have come into this world predetermined to connect with others.

Art and science with a social impact
generates a “vital sense” that will
strengthen the passion for dance