How to apply to the Auditions


How do I make the online or the live application?

  1. You must fill out all the mandatory fields in the application form.
  2. You will be given a personal invoice identification number once you fill out the application form and click “apply”.
  3. Make the payment fee with your bank while using the personal identification invoice number given by us.
  4. The application would be considered complete and ready to be seen once we have received your payment.


How will I know if my application form is considered received?

You will see an automatic confirmation message upon the correct receipt of your audition application if all the fields are completed.


How will I know if my application is considered complete?

After receiving your payment, you will receive an email whether you are accepted or not within 24-72hours.
If accepted, an invitation for the audition with further steps will be sent.


What if I need to cancel my attendance for the pre-selection?

If you are registered but cannot participate it is important that you inform us by e-mail as soon as possible. The audition fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
In case you want to reschedule your participation to a different pre-selection, you can contact us. Your audition fee stays valid.


If I am not invited to participate in the audition and/or admitted to, will the payment be refunded?

No. Fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances


What do I need to bring to the pre-selection?

– ID (identity card or passport).
– Don’t bring physical paper documents since all of the information we need is in the registration form.


What is the dress code?

Candidate must wear clean and form fitting clothing that permits correct observation by the jury. Please avoid layering clothing. For the ballet class it is mandatory to use ballet shoes and optional pointe shoes. For contemporary class it is optional to use socks or to be barefoot.


How long will the audition last?

Registration opens at 09.00 am. The first class will start at 10am until 2pm. Normally it takes around four hours, but in the case of many participants, it can take up to five hours (with a 30 min break). Make sure to take this into account when you book your travel beforehand.

How to apply to the Summer Intensive


How do I apply?

You must send us an email regarding your interest in applying for the summer intensive. In the subject area please write “summer intensive 2023” and the course you want to attend. ex: summer intensive Junior division or summer intensive Pre-professional.


Which information do I need to send?

First and last name, age, nationality + city of residence, years of dance studies, 2 dance pictures + 1 headshot


Is it by invitation only?



Must I make a payment to apply?



Will you find accommodation for me?

Unfortunately, no, but nevertheless we can help you and send you tips for your stay in Barcelona.