1. What are the weekly training hours and sessions like?

  • Weekly Training: 7.5 hours per day, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Daily Training: Ballet and Contemporary sessions.
  • Weekly Sessions: Improvisation, Composition, Rehearsals, Acting for dancers, Psycho-emotional Coaching, Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Somatic Work, 4Pointe, Conditioning.
  • Monthly: Week-long Workshops and Masterclasses with International artists.
  • Physical Preventive Therapy: Our physiotherapist and osteopath conduct weekly sessions to prevent injuries.


2. How does pointe work training function at ADDA?

Pointe Work: We accommodate both pointe and non-pointe focused dancers, offering specialized sessions. Dancers dedicated to pointe work have dedicated days focusing on 4Pointe using Lynne Charles’ method. Those not pursuing pointe engage in specialized conditioning classes.


3. What professional outcomes can I expect from the program?

Professional Outcome: Our dancers are prepared for auditions across various styles, spanning neoclassical to contemporary and experimental work. We emphasize individual needs, desires, and help each dancer discover their unique path.


4. What certification is provided upon program completion?

Certification: Upon completion, you’ll receive a Diploma of Participation and Concept Assimilation of proficiency from ADDA.


5. How does accommodation support work?

Accommodation: We assist in finding accommodation by connecting students to explore housing options together or guiding them to suitable choices.


6. Is the program a standard 3-year duration?

Program Duration: ADDA’s primary program spans three years, providing a comprehensive and structured curriculum. Variations in duration may be accommodated based on individual needs while adhering to our structured framework.


7. Can the program duration be customized based on individual requirements?

Program Customization: While the standard duration is three years, participants have options to extend or tailor the program to suit specialized training or personal circumstances.


8. Is ADDA an open class program?



9. How to Apply for Auditions

  • Application Process: Complete all mandatory fields in the form, receive a personal invoice identification number, make the payment, and expect confirmation upon receipt.
  • Confirmation: Receive an automatic confirmation message upon correct submission.
  • Completion: After payment receipt, expect an email within 24-72 hours indicating acceptance or rejection.


10. Location

  • Address: C. de Vilamarí, 37, 08015 Barcelona
  • Close to Public Transport: Located near Rocafort and Plaça España metro stations, with accessible bus routes nearby.


11. Financial Assistance

ADDA does not offer financial aid or scholarship programs for participants.


12. Performance Opportunities

ADDA provides stage performance opportunities to familiarize participants with the experience necessary for company work.


13. Post-Program Support

ADDA is committed to individualized career mentoring for each dancer. There are a minimum of three individualized mentoring sessions throughout the year, and our team is available at any time for conversations to shape your dance journey. We offer a special program for individual mentoring.


14. Language Requirements

The language used in ADDA is English.


15. Visa Assistance

ADDA assists students with any official documents needed during their studies.


16. Mock Auditions

ADDA conducts mock auditions during the program to simulate and prepare participants for actual auditions.