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We know that each individual is unique, with different needs and diverse goals.
ADDA will guide you to develop your full potential as an individual and as an artist.


Implementing tools and technology sessions to eliminate interferences that impair your performance, providing personal mental coaching and professional psychological guidance that will help to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.


Our ecosystem of over 80 international artists who are themselves active choreographers, dancers, coaches, and directors will springboard your opportunities to showcase your talent for establishing your career in the professional field.

art, growth
and connections

The program combines Technical, Artistic and Psycho-emotional development subjects in dance, which fall into the global and integral training of the future artist. The program was created as an artistic project, with an international outlook, attracting students and professional artists from all over the world. Most of the teachers are active as artists, ensuring that the same training remains closely related to the artistic practices of today and tomorrow.

A new vision
for individual

Students graduate with high levels of maturity, self-esteem, and self-awareness. What the interaction between the active professional and the student in the early stages of their artistic development achieves is to create normality and familiarity with the expectations of a professional creative process. Thanks to the preventive model, we achieve fewer injuries and avoid toxic behaviors that reduce or hinder professional potential.

Adda ecosystem

Connect with our dedicated base staff and guest artists. Throughout your journey, you’ll have contact with our vibrant artistic ecosystem as individuals and artists, recognizing that we are destined to collaborate and create together.

Ismael Gil

Is the founder and director of ADDA. With extensive experience as a professional dancer, teacher, and artistic manager throughout Europe, Ismael established ADDA in 2023 with a commitment to fostering new talent and promoting a new way of learning. He has designed the artistic framework of ADDA, which brings together artists from all over the world under a common philosophy.

Art and science with a social impact
generates a “vital sense” that will
strengthen the passion for dance