2023 | 24

With a physical base in Barcelona and with a vision of the world, we make the encounter and entry into the professional world firm, solid and safe.
Our 10 month Professional Training Program is an exclusive and comprehensive training course that combines Technical, Artistic and Psycho-emotional development subjects in dance.
The program is designed for dancers aged 18 to 23 years old with an international outlook and is aimed at attracting students and professional artists from all over the world.
ADDA platform works closely with Aleix Martinez and ManNera Dance Company to provide a range of supporting projects that are designed to enhance the learning experience for our students. These projects are carefully curated to ensure that they align with our educational philosophy and goals.


The intensive training program spans 10 months, running from September to the end of June, with a full-time schedule with 1.400 hours Dance Training Program.
Official holiday calendar with breaks on the following occasions:
11th September 2023
2nd November 2023
8th December 2023
2 weeks – Christmas Holidays
1 week – Easter Holiday
1st May 2024

Physical Development

Classical Technique, Contemporary Technique, Horton and Counter Technique, Bodywork, Pilates and Gyrokinesis.

Artistic Development

Improvisation, Composition, Repertoire, Master Classes, Creation, Acting for dancers and Music.

Psycho-emotional Development

Mental coaching, Psychology sessions, Body-Mind work, Dance science, Nutrition and Yoga.

Activities and Seminars

Performances and Charity Galas, Dance History and Art History, Performances, Management and administration.


Daily training is from Monday to Friday, from 9am until 4pm. Structured into three blocks.

Morning classes will be devoted to physical development classes followed by artistic development practice.

After lunch break the afternoon will consist of Psycho-emotional sessions.

During the seminars, the courses are entirely dedicated to the topic and are scheduled for either a full day or half day.


9-10 | 1h Gyrokinesis-Pilates-Yoga or Personal work

10-11.30 | 1.30h Ballet or Contemporary

11.30-11.45 | 15min Break

11.45-13:15 | 1.30h Ballet or Contemporary

13.15-14.15 | 1h Composition-Improvisation or Repertoire

14.15 -15h | 45min Lunch

15-16.15 | 1.15h Psycho Emotional Development sessions


We offer 20 workshops for a full week intensive work and seminars ranging from 2 to 3 days, providing students with the opportunity to further develop their skills. 

As part of our commitment to nurturing artistic excellence, we are proud to announce that our platform will be hosting, ManNera Dance – Aleix Martinez, and Giovanni Insaudo for a 3-week creation process.


9.00-9.45 | 45min Personal work

10-14.00 | 4h Workshop

14.00 -15.00 | 1h Lunch

15.00-16.45 | 1.45h Workshop

15.00-16.15 |1.15h Psycho-emotional work

3 years Pre-Professional
Trainning Program

3 years Pre-Professional
Trainning Program